Back in 2010, we declared October to be Bat Appreciation Month and April 17 to be International Bat Appreciation Day. We submitted the dates to Chases Calendar of Events, who requested we get sponsorship. We approached Bat Conservation International, and they were officially added in. Woo hoo!

Keep checking back for more information or contact us for help on organizing something in your area. wllw

Can’t call in sick? There are other ways to celebrate!

  • Replace your Twitter, Facebook, or other website avatar with the Year of the Bat logo.
  • Tweet some bat facts to your friends.
  • Join a Facebook application supporting bats.
  • Make a donation or learn more about bats at or other worthy organizations!
  • Spread the word about White Nose Syndrome.
  • Dress up like a bat! Why wait for Halloween? Do it now!
  • Install a bat house.
  • Post positive bat images on your website or blog. (Be sure to respect copyright!)
  • Use a wllw or any other smiley bat (this is a great one > ^v^) instead of a regular smiley face.

Have any other celebration ideas? Any celebration pictures you can post? Send them our way to smileybatwllw [at] gmail [dot] com! wllw

Blogs, articles, and events by people who were inspired by these holidays! (How cool is this?!) (links coming soon)

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Plus lots and lots of comments on Facebook and Twitter! (screencaps forthcoming)

Plus (and this is SO cool!!!)

World Rat Day: Poems About Real Holidays You’ve Never Heard Of by Children’s Poet Laureate J Patrick Lewis and illustrator Anna Raff, which has a beautiful poem called Bats for Bat Appreciation Day on April 17th!